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Premier ensures Yukon’s interests are reflected in national declaration

Government of Yukon news release:


Premier ensures Yukon’s interests are reflected in national declaration

VANCOUVER—Premier Darrell Pasloski announced today that Yukon and northern interests were enshrined in the climate change declaration agreed to by provincial, territorial and federal leaders today.

“I am pleased that Yukon and northern interests have been accommodated in our agreement today,” Pasloski said. “The provinces and territories agreed to work with the Government of Canada to explore a number of solutions including looking at regionally appropriate carbon pricing mechanisms. This government will not impose a carbon tax on Yukoners.”

The premiers and prime minister agreed today to build on the premiers’ commitments in the Quebec declaration. They committed to form working groups that will consider possible national solutions to address climate change, while taking into account the unique economic challenges facing northern communities.

“We need flexibility to combat climate change in a way that makes sense for Yukon and doesn’t impact our fragile northern economy,” Pasloski added. “We are already investing in building retrofits, biomass energy generation, hydro expansion and a range of other carbon reduction efforts.”

The premier reiterated Yukon’s plan to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through Yukon’s 2006 Climate Change Strategy and Yukon’s Energy Strategy.

The premiers also met with national Indigenous leaders and the prime minister yesterday to discuss how Indigenous groups could be involved in addressing climate change. Premier Pasloski was joined by Kluane First Nation Chief Mathieya Alatini and Kwanlin Dün First Nation Chief Doris Bill for that meeting.


Dan Macdonald
Cabinet Communications

Joanna Lilley
Communications, Executive Council Office

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